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If you are waking up with itchy bites, it could be bed bugs. It’s a much more common problem than people think it is. There are only a few pest control related issues that leave you with itchy bites. Bed Bugs and Mosquitoes are the most common blood bandits.

How can you tell if it’s bed bugs or mosquitoes?

How to inspect for bed bugs

Grab your gloves, a flashlight, and a pair of strong arms to inspect for bed bugs. Remove and bundle up the sheets, blankets, and pillow cases from the beds. Put all of that bedding into thick trash bags or extra large plastic container. Inspect all sides of the mattress closely with the flashlight. Pay careful attention to the seams and stitching. You can easily see bed bugs with the naked eye as the adults are as large as lady bugs. Take clear photos of whatever bugs you find. The photo must be clear enough for us to see the legs.