About Ants:

Ants can be a common pest around most homes. Ants are social insects, forming colonies and in search of sweet or protein/greasy based foods. Unfortunately, when the ants find this desirable food source in or around your home, they leave a pheromone trail for the colony to quickly follow causing a nuisance. The ants then bring this food back to the colony, allowing them to thrive happily and search once again in the smallest of cracks and openings for food and water.

Where to Look for Ants:

Ants are commonly found inside homes near food sources. Ants outside may be found under rocks, pavers, near the home in cracks and crevices, burrowing, or scavenging depending the species of ant.

Treatment for Ant Bite:

Apply cold compress locally to the affected area, about 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Use hydro-cortisone on the area to relieve itching. You may also take an anti-histamine to manage minor, localized allergic reactions. You may also try triple antibiotic to prevent infection, in case the sting wound was opened by scratching. Alternatively, an oatmeal bath will help to relieve the itching as well naturally. Anything you can do to resist the urge to itch, causing blisters or infection.

Self Treatment Control Methods:

Heat Pest Services will ensure to eliminate ALL the ants by utilizing Integrated Pest Management to identify the species of ant and tailoring the treatment to the insect’s behavioral patterns.

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