Bed Bug Warranty

Super Bed Bug Treatment Warranty

Get a super warranty you would expect from a super hero.

Our warranty covers you in case the bed bugs come back after treatment. This is our main value proposition. You might pay us a little more up front, but you end up saving. If you find live bed bugs during your warranty, then you do not pay for any additional treatments that may be required.

Bed Bug Warranty Concept

If we offer you a long warranty then we are all the more incentivized to do the best job that we can the first time. Other companies may charge you for each follow up treatments – and they do several. We will be there if bed bugs come back during your warranty.

We will help to determine the original source of bed bugs so that you can take steps to prevent bed bugs. We do not want to have to come back, but we always will if needed.

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Lifetime Bed Bug Warranty

Homeowners can get the continuous protection of the Heat Pest Services Lifetime Bed Bug Warranty. In certain markets we offer a lifetime bed bug warranty for as long as you take our monthly pest control services. Just sign up for our pest control services with your bed bug treatment.