Cellar Spiders

About: There are many different species of Cellar Spider, ranging from 1/16” on and inch with 5/16” legs, where the larger ones can be ¼” to 5/16” inches long with 2” legs. Cellar Spiders are unique when it comes to their webs, they like to continue constructing new webs over the old, causing the web itself to be a pest. Cellar Spiders do feed on other spiders and insects, yet they are harmless to humans due to their small mouthparts.

Where to Look for Cellar Spiders: As the name suggests, Cellar Spiders are found typically in damp cellars, basements, warehouses, and crawlspaces.

Self Treatment Control Methods: Use brooms to seep away webs, this will help to keep them from establishing a home in your home. Reduce food sources, sealing cracks and crevices. Keep humidity and moisture levels low.

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