Oriental Cockroaches

About Oriental Roaches:

Commonly referred to as “Black Beetles”, or “Water Bugs”, do not sting or bite, yet they are still quite a nuisance. Generally shiny black to reddish-brown color, neither Male nor Female can fly, however the males do have short ¾ wings. Sightings occur usually in the warmer months of the year.

Where to Look for Oriental Cockroaches:

Oriental Roaches will be found near moist gutters, landscaping beds, and in/out of sewers at night. They congregate in moist dark areas. Eggs are also found in the congregations, about 8 – 10mm in size. Egg cases are usually dark brown or reddish and can hold up to 16 eggs each. You may alert to an Oriental Roach problem due to a musty odor, used to communicate with each other. Female Oriental Cockroaches are about 1 1/4“while males are about 1” in size.

Self Treatment Control Methods:

Keep areas near sewer, drainage, landscaping beds, and other mentioned harborage areas free of moisture as much as possible. Keep free of food and debris of organic or decaying material. Keep a clean kitchen and ensure underneath your home is free of moisture. Seal any cracks and crevices to prevent pests from entering from the outside.

Contact a Professional

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