About Earwigs:

Earwigs, or “Pincher bugs”, omnivores in nature, will eat almost anything including dead or decaying plant or animal matter. They do prefer aphids, insect legs, maggots, grubs, and army worms yet in vast numbers they will survive on plant matter or vegetation in your garden happily.

Where to Look for Earwigs:

Earwigs, sometimes referred to as “pincher” bugs are normally found in the garden or in shrubbery, possibly near the front door, or back patio. These quick moving pests are nocturnal and tend to hide during the day. They favor warm, humid climates, yet can be found just about any growing zone. Earwigs are quite social during the day within their hiding, they search together and may have thousands in the same nest. Earwigs overwinter in the soil and require moisture to live. You may also find them in crawl spaces, or near faucets.

Self Treatment Control Methods:

Reduce the decaying plant matter, organic matter, animal matter. Refrain from over watering areas with shrubbery or garden areas causing a moisture rich habitat for them. Seal all cracks and crevices around your home preventing access to favorable areas.

Contact a Professional

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