Bed Bug Heat Treatment AZ, CA, TX

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Service in AZ, CA, and TX

The only way to get rid of bed bugs in one day is with heat treatment from your local bed bug heroes at Heat Pest Services.

Good choice. The bed bug heat treatment is like pushing the reset button on your bed bug infestation. We heat the entire space to 150°F to exterminate all bed bugs and eggs. Careful pesticide application is always included for long lasting protection against bed bugs. The pesticide kills bugs brought back in after heat treatment.


We heat rooms to 150°F to exterminate bed bugs.


We complete the bed bug heat treatment faster due to our efficient and advanced heating systems.


Our bed bug warranty has always set us apart. We cover you during your warranty no matter what.

We’re here to answer bed bug heat treatment questions

Citizens of Phoenix, Tucson, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

The most common questions we have about bed bug heat treatment are:

Do you have to leave for the heat treatment?

Yes. We heat the entire space of the rooms to 150°F. You may be able to stay on property in another part of the structure or outside if you desire.

How long do you have to leave for the heat treatment?

You will want to wait 6 hours after our heat treatment is completed to allow the heat to dissipate and for the liquid chemistry to dry.

Will the heat damage the home or my belongings?

Our heat treatment will not damage the home or belongings so long as you prepare the rooms according to our heat treatment preparation instructions. There is a whole list of things that need to be removed prior to heat treatment such as high heeled shoes and candles.

We have been doing this a long time, and we have damaged many things with heat. Over time our processes and preparation instructions improved so that nothing is left to question. We know what will be damaged by heat and what will not.

There are certain things that we can not help but damage such as vinyl or laminate floors. Laminated surfaces may peel from furniture and cabinets. Luckily, bed bugs are not usually found in kitchens or bathrooms. We never have issues with furniture that is real wood, upholstered, metal, or plastic. We only have issues with pressed wood furniture with laminated “wood-like” or colored edges.

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Our bed bed warranty is another reason to choose Heat Pest Services for your bed bug heat treatment. We have always included a long term warranty for homeowners who choose the whole home heat treatment. Learn more about our bed bug warranty and how it covers you in case bed bugs are re-introduced after treatment.