Pesticide Bed Bug Treatment in AZ, CA, TX

Least Expensive Bed Bug Treatment

Stand Alone Bed Bug Pesticide Treatment

Save money on bed bug treatment

The most budget friendly bed bug service is the pesticide bed bug treatment. Many pest control companies offer pesticide treatments for bed bugs. Many of those companies do not do a great job. We do a great job! What else would you expect from a bed bug superhero?

Bed Bug Focused

We focused on bed bugs only from 2012 to 2019. We offered both bed bug heat treatments and bed bug pesticide treatments since day 1. Focusing on one thing every day for ten years gives you knowledge, processes, and products that most do not possess. It is kind of like we are bed bug superheroes.

30 Days To Kill Bed Bugs

It will take 30 days or longer to kill all bed bugs without heat treatment. Bed bug eggs are not killed by pesticide applications. Pesticide is applied to all accessible bed bug hiding places. The product will kill the adult and juvenile bed bugs after they contact the treated surfaces.