Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Services

Our sole focus from 2012 to 2019 was bed bugs. Our goal was always to be the biggest and best bed bug treatment company in the US.

Do you need fast bed bug treatment in AZ, CA, or TX? There are many pest control companies who also do bed bugs. We call these companies “Jack of all pests”, and they are the masters of no pest. By focusing on one target pest for so many years, Heat Pest Services has gained knowledge and experience that few others possess.

Free Bed Bug Inspection

For homeowners. Tenants must obtain written permission from landlord prior to inspection.

Virtual Bed Bug Inspection

We can identify pests and provide quotes using video calling and emailing photos or videos

Virtual Bed Bug quote using video calling and email of photos and video

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The quickest and most effective bed bug treatment is heat treatment. It kills 99% of bed bugs and eggs.

Bed Bug Pesticide Treatment

The more budget friendly bed bug treatment. Our pesticide treatment kills all bed bugs but takes 30 days or longer.