Mosquito Pest Control Services

In Arizona, California, and Texas

About Mosquitoes:

Mosquitos are not a pest you want to attempt to control yourself. Mosquito control can be difficult and relies on the proper identification of the species. Mosquitos can carry and transfer a variety of diseases including West Nile, Chikungunya virus, Dengue, Malaria, and Zika to name a few.

Where to Look for Mosquitos:

Mosquitos will be found harboring and breeding in areas with moisture or standing water. This can include ponds, pools, bird baths, fountains that are not working, small puddles, still water in gutters, inside of tree holes after it has rained and many more places, they may find a breeding ground sufficient to lay their eggs.

Treatment of Mosquito Bites:

You may apply ice, and hydro-cortisone cream. Calamine lotion will help dull the itching sometimes, and taking anti-histamines can help with any allergic reaction if taken prior to going outside and may help with swelling after a bite. Baking soda and a dab of water, creating a paste will relieve the itch some say, and others a heated spoon on the bite site.

Emergency Care:

If you experience any of the following you may need medical attention: A severe headache, Difficulty breathing, Paralysis, Heart palpitation. You may also seek medical help if the rash site enlarges, you develop flu symptoms, you think it was carrying disease or came from a tree harborage, or the bite site has become infected.

Self Treatment Control Methods:

Keep your yard and are around home free of stagnant water. Try not to over water plants, or your lawn. Ensure you have gutters or proper drainage around your home to keep the water away from the home.

Professional Control Methods:

Call a Professional Exterminator. Generally fogging is required for complete mosquito control, paired with the homeowner’s actions on preventing a favorable habitat.

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