Wasp Nest Removal in AZ, CA, and TX

About Wasps:

There are many types of wasps ranging from solitary, such as Mud Daubers, or Cicada Killers, to More social Wasps like the Paper Wasps, Hornets, and Yellow Jackets. Each slightly different in their behavior, however typically the solitary wasps will not harm humans, while the social wasps will attack, violently.

Where to look for Wasps:

Paper Wasps, or Umbrella Wasps (Their nests are made of finely ground wood fibers and excrement from their saliva and give the general shape of umbrellas), are generally up under eaves or tucked under awnings, along walls or fence joints. Hornets are more commonly nesting in the ground.

Self Treatment Control Methods:

keep the outside of the home clean and free of debris. Seal cracks and crevices, keep up on the sealing or paining of the exterior, and trim. Typically, their nests are made of wood fibers.

Wasp Removal:

Wasp removal is best done in the evening, while it is possible for Paper Wasps to be treated during the day also, it presents an easier all in one opportunity when the queen and workers are at rest with the sun. Proper PPE should always be worn to avoid harm.

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