German Cockroaches

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We use a very detailed, in depth, and heavy duty extermination technique for German roaches. We eliminate the roaches so well it is almost as if we are super heroes. For Commercial and Residential Roach problems contact your local pest control superhero, Captain Heat and his team at Heat Pest Services.

*Heat Kills German Roaches (approx. 7 minutes @ 130degrees)

About German Roaches:

German cockroaches are the most common found inside our homes, apartments, restaurants, and hotels. Typically, German roaches will hitchhike their way into a dwelling inside belongings or baggage. German roaches prefer moisture, food and warmth. A large infestation can bring a foul musty odor, while the buildup of feces will cause flare in allergies and asthma.

Where to Look for German Cockroaches:

German roaches are mostly seen during the evening hours, unless a larger infestation is at hand. These German cockroaches may more often be found in kitchens and bathrooms, however you may follow the “pepper” marks, or feces, to their harborage areas. German Roaches are the most difficult of roaches to control, due to their ability to reproduce about twice as fast, and their desire for the indoors. Males wings are length of the body, while females are under-developed prohibiting them from flying. They are about 10-14mm long.

Self Treatment Control Methods:

Keep areas in kitchen, and other mentioned harborage areas free of moisture, food and debris of organic or decaying material. Keep a clean kitchen and ensure underneath your home is free of moisture. Seal any cracks and crevices to prevent pests from entering from the outside.

German Cockroach Treatment Preparation

Help us make your treatment the most successful it can be.

It is extremely important that the area infested with German roaches is prepared before treatment. All of the cabinets must be empty and cleaned. Behind, around, and under the appliances and workspaces must be cleaned of all food debris. You are removing the roach food so they can only eat the “food” we want them to eat.

German Roach Prep Sheet