Bed Bugs

Our Only Focus for Nearly 10 Years.

Captain Heat’s arch enemies are the bed bugs. Bed bugs are what brought captain heat to this planet in the first place. The bed bugs have super immunity against Earth’s pesticides. The best way get rid of the bed bugs is to exterminate them with heat. Captain Heat’s heating powers easily and quickly eliminate the bed bugs without damaging furniture. You can keep your furniture in most cases.

One Time Or Ongoing Pest Control Services

We can identify, exterminate, and prevent whatever pest you have. (We are superheroes after all)

All of the Heat Pest companies now perform one-time pest control services other than bed bugs. Many bugs can be exterminated with a single, detailed, long lasting treatment. Each one time service is priced according to the pest problem we encounter.

Each pest control job is different. Some pests require multiple treatments to achieve control.