About Mice:

Mice as a pest in your home can be very destructive. In order to control them properly, you must identify you are dealing with mice, not rats as control and habits can be slightly different depending on species. Mice have much smaller feet and bodies than rats, even as young, you will be able to distinguish by the size of their feet and tails. Mice cause damage from gnawing on wires, and other material to nest in and find warmth or comfort. Mice can enter in the smallest of openings about the size of your small finger, or ¼ “. Mice can carry disease and attract other pests, Be careful if you have spotted droppings, and be sure to sanitize the area.

Where to look for House Mice:

Mice will harbor inside of walls, insulation, inside the boxes in the garage that never move, or the corner no one goes into. They like to find dark areas undisturbed, and safely travel along walls, or pipes in search of food. Mice rely heavily on scent. Mice will readily seek out and eat pet food that isn’t sealed, or scraps that may be behind the cabinets in the kitchen, or the pantry.

Mouse Self-Control Treatment Methods:  

You may conduct some minor pest control exclusion to your home from pests by sealing all entrances and cracks and crevices throughout the exterior. Ensure you have no holes, or the dryer vent is connected to the back of the dryer. Enclose pet food, and keep areas in the garage or outdoor free of any debris food like or other. Clean and disinfect areas that may have been mice runways, and vacuum the feces once disinfected in order to not spread virus or disease. Once mice are established you will likely need a Professional Pest Control Exterminator to put together a weekly control plan for your home in order to get rid of them all. Ensure that tree branches that may over hang or touch the home or roof are trimmed back to prevent easy entry.

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