Mites *Heat Kills (Dust Mites are killed when heated for 60 minutes @ 140 degrees)

About Mites:

Symptoms of mites can be red, irritated skin ranging to red, irritated with white trails of skin, from the female mites burrowing (Scabies). There are many types of mites, including chiggers (found in grassy areas, causing bites and red itchiness around ankles and legs. There are rat and bird mites, that may have been feeding on their host outside your home, until the infestation grew and the mites found their way inside to feed on animals or humans.

Dust mites

Also are common, typically found feeding in the dead skin cells “dust” in the home, around the bed crevices, furniture, stuffed animals, carpeting etc. On an average day, one person can shed up to 1.5g of dead skin cells, which can feed up to one million dust mites at a time. Dust mites cause allergic and asthmatic reactions if left untreated. The reason why dust mites are so prevalent in people’s homes is that they feed off of dead skin cells. They are hard to see, even under a microscope they may just look like a tiny white spider.

Where to look for Mites:

Around areas in which have dust buildup or dead skin cells to feed. This can be around beds, between box springs and bed frames or anywhere you may find dust buildup.

Treatment of Mite Bites:

Using hydrocortisone or anti-itch cream may help to reduce the itching and redness. If the issue is mites, typically the skin will be red and itchy for a few days before tapering off, whereas scabies will not get better without medical attention.

Self Treatment Control Methods:

Vacuum the areas with buildup of dust, skin cells, and other pet fur or dander that may accumulate. Continue to vacuum every few days for a few weeks, ensuring to brush furniture or dusty curtains as well. You will need to vacuum the eggs, or wait for them to hatch and keep up on vacuuming the adults if the eggs are unknown.

Heat Pest Services recommends this self-preparation and cleaning of bedding and floors as a “knockdown” method. In most cases this is paired with a professional spray treatment utilizing IPM to effectively eliminate all traces of the pest and prevent re-occurring entry.

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