House Fly

About House Flies:

House flies are a common pest indoor, extermination can be difficult. House flies are not only pesky as their wings flap together causing a buzzing around your home, but are also potentially spreading disease. This is why General Pest Control can be helpful in preventing problems before they arise. House flies reproduce extremely quick, however have a short life span. Understanding the life cycle and Integrated Pest Management to control house flies will greatly benefit fly control. House flies are dark grey appearing black in color, they are about 1/8 – ¼ inch in size. Eggs resemble small grain of rice, which hatch into larvae, also known as maggots. Females are typically larger than males, yet neither bite or sting. House fly extermination starts with sanitation. Larger infestations may need specialized attention from a licensed pest control exterminator to eliminate the populations.

Where to look for House Flies:

Generally, house flies are quite active when not feeding, or breeding. You will find their breeding areas on Pet feces, leftover fruity or sweet, odorous liquids, window sills, kitchens, bathrooms where moisture is found and other common areas you may see them landing to feed can become a breeding or harborage area. If flies are present beyond normal levels, you may want to consider signing up for General Pest Control from a licensed exterminator to assist with your pest problems.

Fly Self-Control Treatment Methods:

Flies are attracted to odors. Keep garbage cans and dumpsters clean. Keep lids tight on the garbage storage areas. Repair window screens, seal cracks and crevices. Use air curtains if present in commercial or food establishments. Pick up pet waste frequently, as it is a common breeding ground due to the moisture content. Dead rodents or birds may also be common breeding grounds. Keep all decaying matter and material cleaned up, including any soiled bedding from pets or other animals. If you have flies in populations above normal, contact an exterminator for your General Pest quote today!

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