About: Scabies are female mites that burrow under the surface of skin to lay their eggs, causing red, irritation, and scratch like trails. You will find with mites, the skin will clear after a few days, however with Scabies, you will need to seek medical attention for the correct medicine. You will find the bites may appear as bumps and will have burrows, or thin gray, brown or red lines that radiate from the bumps, resembling scratch marks.

Where to look for Scabies: They live on the surface of your skin and burrow into your skin in order to lay their eggs. They can live on your body for months. 

Treatment of Scabies on the skin: Permethrin Cream will help to treat Scabies.

Self Treatment Control Methods: Skin to skin contact is typically how scabies spread. Keep out of direct skin contact with others who may show similar symptoms.

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